New mutated coronavirus from South Africa is "highly concerning" - BBC News

23 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2020
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The UK government has said it is “highly concerned” about two cases of a new mutation of the coronavirus which have been identified in people who have arrived from South Africa.
The Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the new strain of the virus is even more infectious than the recent new variant -- which is thought to be causing a sharp rise in cases in the UK.
The UK has imposed travel restrictions on South Africa and has said anyone who has returned recently from the country should go into immediate quarantine.
George Alagiah presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health correspondent Sophie Hutchinson.
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  • please wash hands after touching surfaces that are not yours, wear mask if crowded or windy & put clothes in wash / basket when you come home! Keep at least 2m distance & try to only touch you face directly after showering or washing hands. The should (have) stopt all flight not necessary until Corona was/is 100% defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Nazanin NazNazanin Naz13 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • so how-many main races are there: Chinese, English & African, That i new, but are Arabs & Native Americans also a main race or just a mix like the rest ? What other main/original race is there ? Interesting how the Virus adapts to our primitive original genes/DNA 🧬 i wonder what we can learn about the virus with this extra information - the virus is laughing out loud, the amount of hints it is giving to the ones in charge is huge, and yet not defeated. Sad that intelligent people our pushed aside by a world we built that encourages greed, rudeness & selfishness.

    Nazanin NazNazanin Naz14 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • God please save South Africa from this covid 19....#westerncape

    elton mitchelleelton mitchelle15 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Stop the lies

    Zv UvZv Uv17 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Welcome To 2021

    Aedin RidmashAedin Ridmash18 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • LIES!

    Dale of Kenaz KomicsDale of Kenaz Komics18 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • All of a sudden it's from Africa. South Africa for that matter

    Miss ShawMiss Shaw20 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • So that other African countries can be convinced and start wanting the vaccine.

      Miss ShawMiss Shaw20 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • This reminds me of the movie Songbird. Covid-23

    We Are AnonymousWe Are Anonymousਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Why does British and American always blame everything on Africa?

    Tim L Finley BrownTim L Finley Brownਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
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  • When the rich keep transportation open even though there is a virus going around like wildfire, but they want to fight the virus. . . *BRUH* . . . They don't care as long as "THEY" don't get sick. If there was an hypothetical virus that did attack the rich. You would see nation shut down after hearing this.

    CloudCloud2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Damn

    William LewisWilliam Lewis3 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • We know where you're going with this. Eventually those who refuse vaccination will be cut out of society or locked up. Then the compliant will migrate to the chip, now you have conveniently destroyed the world economy. They literally want the Borg. Watch the World Government Summit AI 2018. They're all insane!

    Bill CooperBill Cooper3 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • 2021 also f****d

    appollo dkappollo dk3 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Until you realise that the world government are actively trying to kill you and your children, things won't change

    Harry HoughtonHarry Houghton3 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I had the virus at the end of April and had very serious symptoms, but a moment I understood what to take and in 5 minutes the situation returned to normal! let's make short ... I took 4x 20mg of Piroxicam EG and 20 tablets of spirulina for the circulation and oxygenation of the blood and the situation miraculously returned to normal quickly, so 80mg of Piroxicam EG is the help you need for those who have the severe form ... for those who have a persistent headache a single tablet of Piroxicam EG will suffice ... so after I had conquered the virus and go to sleep without problem; the next day I will see on google what it is> anti-inflammatory !!!!!!! Is that so !? at that time it was forbidden, dangerous haha ​​glad not to have been to die in the hospital ... now there is progress: they give an anti-inflammatory but which are not good ... unfortunately a few thousand additional deaths in prospect ... I know I'm not addressing the right audience but the brain is the key, piroxicam is for the brain (not medrol or anything else) and therefore the best anti-inflammatory while waiting for the vaccine. and shame to doctors for not believe and let the poeple die TY bye

    IsaiahIsaiah4 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Where did they see it in South Africa... For all we know they gave it to us 😒... How does a vaccine adapt?

    LalinaLalina4 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Educate

    Lion RoarsLion Roars4 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Propaganda.!

    ElishivahElishivah6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • fake

    HilarityBriboHilarityBribo6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Yesterday I heard 4am tomorrow stopping flights from South America. Now south afica What next another disease from China after there new years? Close all flights Immediately not wait till morning

    Twisted firestarterTwisted firestarter6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • It’s all bollox!!! Don’t listen!!!! Don’t be sheep! When has the media ever told us the truth????

    TomTom7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Trace asymptomatics with a 21-day Intentional Group Pooling


  • It is interesting to me that they can get away with pushing their falsification of the flu to make it sound like it’s some form of plague that came out of biblical times. Good luck with that one because I don’t believe it I have neither been sick nor will get sick keep going with your lies and your deceit and we’ll see who wins out at the end surely it won’t be you

    Sherry KlostermanSherry Klosterman7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • How the fuck did i end up here ? The bbc are FULL OF SHIT bye 👋

    JakJak7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Dear friends , Please clarify is this really concerning virus like Covid-19.There are many rumours going around India like this virus may get off whole human species from earth.. Please clarify

    Praveen KumarPraveen Kumar7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • When god plays plague inc. In real life and added vaccine ressistance

    Star_LordzStar_Lordz8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Scary charts! Spooky language! It must be honest and truthful lol

    Robert AshtonRobert Ashton8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Anyone reading this please switch off your TV and stop watching the news. Because its horseshit. 1500 deaths is a lot yes but in a country of 65 million people this is not a lot. Hospitals are not overwhelmed, the news states they are at risk of being overwhelmed since the beginning.

    Cain HannahCain Hannah8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Man made virus from America .

    Yeremy ChauvinYeremy Chauvin9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Lies for NWO

    Yeremy ChauvinYeremy Chauvin9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Use fire therapy. Will kill the virus for sure. Best to use often as possible under the chin. Spread the news if you want to save people. Thank God.

    KJC BangKJC Bang9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Voetsek talking poes

    Ghost MohamedGhost Mohamed9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • This is all a bitter end for all of our race. Because of our sins. There's only one thing that give me hope, that is we seek for forgiveness to God and our good promise to him must be applied in our lives. We can still heal our world in the name of Jesus Christ, to our Father God , the Holy Spirit, Amen. Many of us have a weak faith on him even I am no exception to that. Many of us doesn't believe he exist. It's just, everything of this is so depressing, sad & horrible. I just wish that everything is just a nightmare, but no. We have to face this together. I'm sooo young, a,15 yrs old. Not even experiencing life. Haaahhh everything is just so funny. So depressing.

    Kanato-kun ex psycoKanato-kun ex psyco10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • There is corona vaccination .Though pandemic is in position of coronation.

    Kamruddin AnsariKamruddin Ansari10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Nobody passed it on. A scientist in SA alerted WHO about his findings. Tweet: Andrew Rambaut The hint to look for the N501Y came from @Tuliodna who was tracking this mutation in South Africa. Note however the 501Y lineage in the UK has a phylogenetically independent origin to the ZA one.

    Eleanor PillayEleanor Pillay11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Total bullshit

    teddy hoganteddy hogan11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Unfortunately the world is never going to be normal again, and everyone is going to die alone in a grey sky. ✨😁

    tæ11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • I dont know. I feel like going insane in everything of this mess.

      Kanato-kun ex psycoKanato-kun ex psyco10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Hearing the same headline, every time a new variant is discovered? And we still have a 99% survival rate? Yes. Fear mongering.

    Edward T.Edward T.11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • sweet!😍

    Larry RodgersLarry Rodgers11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • why is the new variant suddenly affecting the major covid19 vaccine trial areas?

    Jack HepJack Hep13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • it”s start from UK, and Blame South Africa now ?

    Funny worldFunny world13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Thanks to @incredable_hacker for helping me recover my Facebook account, you can contact him on Instagram @incredable_hacker

    Tete JatauTete Jatau13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • ebolized wuhanized covidioteque viriantric virus... hmm... now, easy to identify, if you have bloody red colored eyes, you are positive!

    gwapo hongwapo hon13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Why, what's it do?

    I don't KnowI don't Know13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Irish Health Dept forced to admit in court CV 19 virus doesn't exist Here is a video from 12/27/2020. A court in Ireland refused to provide evidence of isolate (laboratory isolate) of the Sars-cov-2 virus. Specifically, the court acknowledged that it had no evidence that the virus had ever been isolated (purified from other biomaterial) by anyone in a laboratory. In other words, the court stated that it has no evidence of the existence of a scientifically obtained strain of this virus. In addition to refusing to provide scientific evidence for the existence of the sars-cov-2 virus, the court also failed to provide the scientific justification for the mandatory wearing of masks, social distancing, and, of course, vaccination. In the second half of the video, very reasonable questions are asked: - what kind of vaccine (or preventive drugs) can we even talk about when there is no causative virus of the "disease"? - what kind of "coronavirus" mutations are we constantly being told about by the so-called "scientists", if there is no virus isolate? And many others. Of course, the global financial capital does not care about all this and will continue to force its narrative as if nothing had happened. In November WHO officials were still shamelessly appealing to the statements of the Chinese authorities (dated 07.01.2020) about the alleged isolation of a new virus, as well as to the WHO statistics concerning 60 million "confirmed cases" and more than 1.4 million deaths "from covid" as proof of the "existance of the Sars-Cov-2". . In other words, WHO officials are only referencing the media and themselves... They got tangled up in their own lies. For example, back in mid July, in a COVID-19 diagnostic instruction published on their official website, on p. 39 it was explicitly stated that they were testing PCR on some surrogate/simulation of the sars-cov-2 virus. Because they simply didn't have the real virus in their laboratory in Atlanta, one of the largest in the USA. How is that possible? How is that possible that they are ordering to clean driveways and public places, presumably because virus is everywhere, yet they don't have it in their largest labs? Well, the answer is simple and I think you know it already.

    Pirvog CompostPirvog Compost13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Wahh anjir iya cuk,, yang kena mutasi dari covid-19 jadi Zombie, yang dapet vaksin jadi TITAN

    olaole olaleellulululolaole olaleellululul13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • March of the pigs next. Then we can blame government's for doing nothing

    Lady BugLady Bug14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Your wrong! This vaccines mean nothing and what's coming from it and these new strains will be way past what a writer can do or Hollywood

    J.R LeonardJ.R Leonard14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Remember this time last year when we thought it wouldn't reach us

    DJ 17DJ 1714 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • I never understood why anyone thought it wouldn't spread globally. There was nothing to stop it. No herd immunity. No vaccine. No treatment. No restrictions on international travel ( until it was far too late ). We were even discouraged from social distancing and wearing masks in the beginning.

      John DoeJohn Doe2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • ...meanwhile China is very quiet...

    Raphael HarricombeRaphael Harricombe14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Helen LovellHelen Lovell14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Please tell all politician from all the world to be Vaccined themselves and their family first. Then i will give a thought about. But Wait !!!! What if they switch different vaccine to common people...😶

    shabshab14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
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    Ella MilaElla Mila14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Biological weapon done by the elites. Bill Gates is behind this too...and mentioned that the next virus will definitely get everyone's attention. NWO wants you to take the vaccine.

    Tricia ZenaTricia Zena14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • harry_hack got my disabled account back for me..

    Dylan BruceDylan Bruce14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    GapbooGapboo15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • 2020: Ah shit here we go again.

    Bubble KelpBubble Kelp15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • more fake bullshit to keep you scared and give up your rights.

    ab9957ab995715 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES. 1 BITCOIN = $33,000.⛱️🏝️🎇🎉🏖️🏖️🏜️🗻🌄🎊🏞️.

  • And they are creating new strains everyday by injecting animals that never had covid virus ,

    sargent peppersargent pepper15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • DO NOT get the COVID vaccine! There is reason to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine is more dangerous-to body and soul-than we could even imagine. Do NOT receive this vaccine under ANY circumstances. For more info, visit the blog site and read the article entitled 5 Reasons to Reject the COVID 19 vaccine and share with friends and family

    Lia FinneganLia Finnegan15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • If UK created the mutation, why are Chinese still getting blamed for it??? It's not "it originated from here" anymore. Pure racism.

    SpongeBob SquarePants Full Ep. in Desc.SpongeBob SquarePants Full Ep. in Desc.15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Great. Let blame south Africa so we can give them the horrible vaccines. Warning Africa please protect yourselves and don't let them give your people the medicines

    Truth will set you free WowTruth will set you free Wow15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Why do they never talk about deaths? Always cases. I wonder why, really I do.

    richard whartonrichard wharton15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The way I've looked at this new variant. Since the flu mutates each year they have to make a new flu shot for the mutation. So, why would this be any different? And the news just said on 1-6-21 that they're not sure that the treatment they give us in the hospital will even work on it. If this mutation isn't bad enough who's to say it won't mutate again and again till it polishes off mankind?

    Linda CarolLinda Carol15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • The weak or meak shall not inherit the earth.... Take your vitamins, kids..,

    RMS550RMS55016 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I've been looking for help to recover my lost account. All thanks to King_Spyy. On Instagram, he's a legit hacker.

    chika anselemchika anselem16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • God

    Kurt MatthewKurt Matthew16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • But they won't "self isolate" will they !

    Gazr GazrGazr Gazr16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Let's not forget where covid originated from, CHINA!

    Lu SipaloLu Sipalo16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Who has Pre-PTSD from the hype?

    A ParsonA Parson16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Nathaniel StevenNathaniel Steven16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Nathaniel StevenNathaniel Steven16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Nathaniel StevenNathaniel Steven16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Ain't stopping this thing over night will be 5 to 10 years....fact!

    James MoranJames Moran16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Who the fuck told u its from SA? A whole lot of shit

    Brandon GovenderBrandon Govender16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Where is the WHO and why aren’t they doing something to protect the world.

    Melody37 DMelody37 D16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • i wonder why they're not doing shit🤔 oh that's right it's cause something doesn't smell right out the pandemic. Figure it out yourself ad ask the question why when you watch the news. have a good day

      The_Real_Tobirama SenjuThe_Real_Tobirama Senju15 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • They should name the South African variant as ‘ Dale Strain ‘

    Shashank BhosaleShashank Bhosale16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • 1 dead from vaccine

    mr wpgmr wpg16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Tbh as weird and nonrealistic as it may sound, but i'm starting to think that a zombie apocalypse might just be able to happen. That virus is very unpredictable and who knows how much it would evolve as years go by. We're not even finished clearing up with the first variant of the covid and now this.

    ReiRei17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Vaccines created in labs, viruses created in labs!

    Terrence HeadTerrence Head17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Easy money virus!

    Terrence HeadTerrence Head17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Zombies?

    eliyas LLEMeliyas LLEM17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Ugh!I really thought I'd be able to visit England again and see my aunts and uncles, but NOPE. New year, NEW COVID!!!!!! 👺👺👺👺

    splatoonfan1435splatoonfan143517 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
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  • C O V A I D S

    ReneRene17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • 2021 has started where 2020 left of it's all about covid-19! It's amazing Boris Johnson didn't order a full lockdown before Christmas and new year when cases were so high. Boris Johnson can't be trusted ever again!

    Bushcraft And Astronomer.Bushcraft And Astronomer.17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • I take 250 micrograms of vitamin D3 per day and I won't be catching the flu or the corona. I've been doing this for about 2 decades. And yes folks there is evidence that both infection and vaccine can leave genetics in your DNA. Whether that important is another issue. But that the "experts" deny it is certainly an issue.

    Name RemovedName Removed17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Lol, 632k views but 4600 likes.

  • Call it the #BlackVirus as you British love the word variant.

    DK1-HumDK1-Hum17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • So....... we gonna stay isolated for 80 years? I’d rather live 25 years than survive 80 years. Either way, I will be dead at 25

    Drow JacksonDrow Jackson18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • I think we'll probably continue to see patterns of viral surge and viral dying off for the next couple of years, which could mean patterns of lockdown and opening up for the next 1-3 years. The better people are at following the guidelines, the less likely the virus can spread, and the less spread, the less chance of dangerous mutation. If everyone uses precautions correctly every time they go out, and don't half ass measures like wearing loose masks with their noses uncovered, the quicker this can be brought down and finished off.

      NJ HawksworthNJ Hawksworth17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Lies lies lies 😂🤣😂😂🤣

    omni potentomni potent18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • Fuck off dumbass

      zero zero .14 year agozero zero .14 year ago16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • 🖕🏾

      Talha DarkTalha Dark17 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • So tired of the lies....

    Ray's WorldRay's World18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

  • If this was so contagious why would you leave the airports open country to country You guys are clowns You media you're even worse nobody's even believe in you anymore The flu just disappears highly unlikely The world has caught on to all your corrupt crap media go to hell

    all serve pumpall serve pump18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Only essential travel across borders should be allowed. It costs tax payers a lot of money to quarantine people for 2 weeks.

    NevermoreNevermore18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • ︎︎ⓘ bullshit information has been detected

    Panda 3Panda 319 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • It's a virus of course it mutates no duh all viruses do

    A50ftfallA50ftfall19 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ